Tom’s Dresser – Drawers, part 2

Sides, backs and fronts
Sides, backs and fronts

With the case mostly completed, it is time to begin drawer construction. I milled the Sugar Pine to a thin 9/16 inch thick for sides and backs. This was done incrementally over a few days in hopes that any wood stability issues would be solvable without too much pain.The old-growth Mahogany fronts will be milled to about 7/8 inch thick. The material was too wide for my 6-inch jointer so I used my LN #7 on one surface to create a stable platform for using the power planer to flatten the opposite side and then the other. This lovely figured material proved too gnarly and tear out prone for that tool, so I used the drum sander instead. Five of the six pieces seemed to go fine, but one has nasty twist. Not sure if my initial work was inadequate or movement since then created the issue. At any rate, I decided to halt that process well-shy of my target thickness and will evaluate options tomorrow.

Sides and backs were cut to final dimensions and a groove routed in the sides at the router table. Grooves are 1/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch deep. Next up, mark and cut tails (for blind dovetailed fronts and full for backs).


3 thoughts on “Tom’s Dresser – Drawers, part 2”

  1. Jeff and Bartee,
    I like the look and smell of the pine drawers. Seems to offer more character than the poplar which is used for the other internals.

    This is a first for me. We shall see how the softer material holds up. Thanks for your comments.

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