Tom’s Dresser – Dovetails for Sides and Backs

It fits, next up Drawer frontsCutting and fitting dovetail joinery for drawer sides and backs. All except the lowest drawer (#6 in the Buhl system). I messed that up in so many ways. Mixed up front and back. Did not allow proper spacing for bottom groove. Which itself was cut wrong. Matched my notes, but not my intent. Had to repair those, which will not show. Gonna finish the upper five drawers, then determine if I can salvage #6, or go back to milling fresh stock.

Working with Sugar Pine was interesting. Easy to cut, easy to scratch and dent. Pleasant smell when working. A very soft wood, so it was easy to work with chisels (and saws), but surprisingly, the cut quality was improved with the chisels freshened up [Shapton stones]. Lesson learned.

Next up will be milling the drawer fronts and cutting half-blind dovetails. Challenges aplenty as the drawer openings are not proper rectangles. Stay tuned for that thrilling adventure.


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