Tom’s 70th Birthday Dance Party & Multi-Reunion – 1 of 2

Tom & Gastil celebrated the birthday and dear friends at Santa Barbara’s historic Carrillo Ballroom. We danced to the sounds of the Ventura Jazz Sextet plus vocalist, Donna Green. Stories from long ago and recent were shared, visited with friends that we do not see often enough and shared a bounty of pot luck delights.

Carrillo Recreation Center & Ballroom
Carrillo Recreation Center & Ballroom

We brought samples of Tom’s woodworking and mementos from the Graphic Arts Center days, when Tom Buhl Typographers served a wide range of clients and personalities.

A number of Range Animal (softball) players and supporters helped make the night special. It was a fabulous, whirlwind evening. Thanks to all who were there and those who checked in during that week. A special surprise was my brother, Skid, visiting from Michigan. Lucky birthday boy I was. Big smile all night long.

I owe a big shout of gratitude to Karen Derfer, Thomas Rollerson and Rod Lathim who took many of these photos to share. This is the first page of two.  Link to page two.