Schafer H.S. gathering summer 2015

Fifty-one years after the class of 1964 graduated we gathered at Big Bear Lodge for another evening of laughter, sharing and catching up. If anybody’s name is incorrect please let me, Grace or Susan know and it shall be fixed.

I had my outdoor portrait lens on the camera thus was unable to get any group images this time. Perhaps when we do it again, I’ll be better prepared. We had a bit of photo op scramble and probably missed a few folks but hopefully, some of the other cameras captured those fine folks.

The big mystery is how did my dad get in the photos that were supposed to have me? Guess that is a photobomb those young whipper snappers speak of.

Thank you everyone for your friendship and memories. Go Vikings.

3 thoughts on “Schafer H.S. gathering summer 2015”

  1. I live in Virginia now – I was just on vacation in Michigan – went home July 6th. Sorry I missed it, I would have loved to have seen you all – maybe next time with a little more notice.

    1. Sorry we just missed your Michigan visit, Nancy. I hope we do it again next year. I’m usually in town around July 4th period for 10-14 days. A lot of folks are out of town during the summer so it gets challenging to find a time that works for all.

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