DSO/Greenfield Village concert & fireworks 2015

IMG_7286I joined the Skidfolks for our annual Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert at Greenfield Village. Almost 10,000 people attended the  Friday, July 3  event. Hilarious entertainment provided by Jillian, Lauren and Ilona.

Their captivating performance was followed by a military orchestra and choir. After a brief intermission, the DSO presented with a lively mix of americana themed pieces including a medley salute to the various United States armed forces branches.

M1962 2.25" ConfederateTo prepare for the fireworks display our DSO performed the All-American (by adoption), Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Canon fire provided by the Loomis’ (Michigan) Battery featuring 19th century (some are reproductions) guns. The guns are placed on the elevated railroad platform and before the show the audience is welcome to get a close up view and to talk with the Loomis crew.