Book Cabinet – Prep Sides

This board yields the two cabinet sides.
This board yields the two cabinet sides.

I was able to get both sides of the book cabinet from one length of old-growth Honduras Mahogany. This board has attractive figure. The board was rough cut with jig saw, then examined for twist. One piece was true enough to run through the drum sander (width too wide for power planer). The other section required using the jointer plane to take down the high (opposite) corners, then it was also run through the drum sander.

Some cracks and voids were filled with West Systems epoxy with color added. I wiped denatured alcohol on one section just to tease myself with the color to come once the cabinet is completed. Looks promising.

2 thoughts on “Book Cabinet – Prep Sides”

  1. I’ve got some great figure in the backboard to the crib I’m building. Was that simply DNA on the “show off” picture? What’s your plan for the final finish? I’m sure you want to keep the same drama

    1. Yes, Allan, DNA for preview. I’ll use my usual oil/varnish mix. Initially, it should look similar to the preview, though it will lose the red glow pretty quickly as it ages. Will still be dramatic, but deeper richness than pop.

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