Book Cabinet – Inside Lower Leg Detail


The inside lower leg details will not be noticed by many viewers, but it was fun to work on. I sketched the curve sweeps on one leg and then took measurements to transfer to the others. Made relief cuts with backsaw and my oh-so-cool Gramercy bowsaw to roughly cut the sweeps.

Leg detail with first coat of black milk paint

I used a  No. 4 fishtail gouge to continue working the curves. I decided to leave the tool marks. A bit of sanding softened the high spots and ridges. I have always wanted to use carving gouges and leave the tool marks on a cabinet piece, but never found the courage. This gave me the chance to fulfill that desire in an area only spiders and inquisitive woodworkers with good knees are likely to ever notice.

fun with offcuts

The leg off cuts made for a fun geometric.

fun with offcuts