Book Cabinet – Drawer Pull

IMG_9913The book cabinet has a wide drawer at the top of the case. I created the pull similar to those used on my recent dresser project. The sinker sapodilla works well with the mahogany drawer front.

After milling, a long tenon was created at the router table and matching shallow mortise cut on the drawer front. After verifying the fit, I beveled each long surface with rip cuts at the table saw. I used the router to create a round over then shaped the ends with hand tools. I drew a basic shape freehand and used chisel cuts to those lines, followed by rasps and sanding.

IMG_9916The tenons were trimmed to proper length with back saw and dry fit to drawer front. Looks good to my eye. Will be even sweeter once finish is applied.

Two counter sunk pilot holes were drilled from the back of the drawer into the pulls. I do not anticipate gluing the pulls into the mortises. A tight fit and screws should hold fine for its use.

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