Book Cabinet — Attach Legs & Back Slats

First rear leg glued in position
First rear leg glued in position

The legs were glued in place one at a time using liquid hide glue. Various cauls were required to apply pressure without damaging the oddly shaped legs.

The back slats had to be installed at this time due to the design. Typically I would nest the slats in rabbets which would allow much better flexibility. This is what happens when one chooses to design on the fly. In this case rabbets would work for the top and bottom, but not as readily into the legs.

With the legs in place, I was finally able to place the cabinet upright to see how it might look with a top in place.

The top will be asymmetrical to retain much of the look of this distinctive hunk of sinker Mahogany. Stay tuned as the adventure continues. It is beginning to look like a cabinet but many details remain.

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