A New Logo Is Born

My talented friend, woodworker and blogger, Marilyn Guthrie, made a brave post showing a proposed new logo and asking for comments. Having dabbled in typography and the design world for many years, I added my two cents. She received numerous other constructive criticisms, suggestions and encouragements.

After seeing her round two version, I decided to return to her initial attempt and make some refinements. She liked it and it is now the official logo.


You may wish to subscribe to her blog if you enjoy examples of hand tools in operation, presented in an inspiring manner. I am a sucker for good photography and people indulging in their creative passions. I am a fan.

She Works Wood
She Works Wood




2 thoughts on “A New Logo Is Born”

  1. And I am oh so grateful for Tom’s generous gift of his time and talent. I’m thrilled to be using his work as a symbol of my work.

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