I Madonnari 2019

Featured artist: Sharyn Chan

The Santa Barbara Mission and the Children’s Creative Project hosted another fabulous 3-day street painting event. These photos are from the beginning of the third day (Monday). Plenty of festival veteran artists as well as newcomers. Stunning work. Sharyn Chan was this year’s featured artist…congratulations, Sharyn.

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Wine Cabinet, door and more

Test fit of rear panel to case and legs.

With basic case joinery tested, I moved onto a number of other steps required such as refining the sides, making the H. Mahogany door and a pull of sinker Sapodilla.

The back panel slides downwards in side grooves and into the bottom groove. The top locks the panel in place. The order of glue up is rather critical. Hopefully, the numerous dry fitting will increase the likelihood of success.

The photo gallery (with captions) below shows number of other details.

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Wine Cabinet – Case

Wine Cabinet of sinker H. Mahogany and cherry

I wanted to create a small wine cabinet compatible with the Book Cabinet made in 2016. This time I’ll use Honduras Mahogany salvaged from rivers in Belize complemented with domestic cherry.

Basic case is box with a top (half-blind dovetails), middle shelf and bottom (both use sliding dovetails). I had to use the sliding dovetails as I wanted the sides to extend past the case bottom. Another option would be basic dado, but the sliding dovetail gives a bit more resistance to lateral stresses. The sliding dovetails extend a bit past case box dimension so that they can be fitted into sockets in the legs.

Legs of 8/4 cherry are secured to the sides with floating tenons plus lots of glue surface. The top has a half-blind tail further locking the legs to the case. 

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