Annual Wine Club BBQ & Tastings

Winemaker Bruce McGuire sharing treasures from the cellar.

LaFond Vineyards and Santa Barbara Winery (in the Santa Rita Hills AVA) hosted a lovely BBQ Saturday to thank their wine club members. Good food, fun music, gracious hosts, grateful guests and wide range of magnificent wines to explore and savor. Winemaker, Bruce McGuire, rummaged the cellar depths to find interesting wines to share. A delightful day in the valley. See ya’ll next year…or when my wine supply becomes uncomfortably low.


The Henry Ford Museum

Wonderful World of Charles & Ray Eames

On my July 2018 Michigan visit we went to The Henry Ford several times. On the 3rd we enjoyed a pleasant evening listening to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the U.S. Army Field Band & Soldiers’ Chorus. The fireworks display began as Tchaikovsky’s Ouverture Solennelle 1812 was concluding. Accompanying canon fire provided by 19th century field pieces [some authentic, others reproductions, but even those are over 100 years old]. That is always a great time to spend with family and friends and a few thousand potential friends.

Tea time at Cotswold Cottage

The museum featured THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CHARLES & RAY EAMES as well as the usual wide-ranging exhibits and samples of (mostly) American life over the years.

Strolling Greenfield Village is always a treat on my Michigan visits. Below are a number of images from this year’s visits.


Schafer High School, Class of 1964 Gathering

Carol (Blades) Rillema, Tom Buhl & Anita (Denman) Sohn. Photo by Susan Bentley.

Big Bear Lodge was once again the site of the Schafer High School class of 1964 summer gathering. It was wonderful to see familiar faces as well as those many of us have not seen since 1964 – which is somewhat a long time ago.

Fred Pellegrene & Rick Kujala

We enjoyed catching up, swapping school memories and basically enjoying time together. Heartfelt smiles were the evening’s theme. A special treat this year was spending time with our favorite history teacher, Fred Pellegrene. A major shout out to Rich Kulaja for making that happen.

 Grace (Koster) Hall and Susan Bentley once again earned our gratitude for making this annual event a reality. A tip of the hat also goes to those who assisted our organizers and to all who attended. Thank you class of 1964.

If any of the photo captions have inaccuracies let myself, Grace or Sue know and we shall promptly take care of it. Keep checking your email Inbox for announcements from Grace and Sue regarding future events.