Gastil-Buhl Wedding

Center Stage Box Office, downtown Santa Barbara

Center Stage Theater was the scene of the Gastil-Buhl wedding, September 18, 2005. Friends and family gathered in a circle as Aunt Sandi officiated the ceremony, Julie and her friends provided uplifting music and several of our dear friends shared readings to reinforce our wedding pledges. As Gastil and Tom left the circle as a married couple the curtain closed on Act I.

A ring for the finger

Refreshments were served on the patio as the stage was prepared for Act II.  Magically, the wedding circle had converted to cafe seating and a small dance floor. We shared a lovely meal as toasts were offered in recognition Tom and Gastil’s marriage.

A big thank you to Cindy Clark for taking the photographs of the event. Preparation and set up images were taken by Tom.


Memorial Meeting for R. Russell Gordon Gastil [1928 – 2012]

Gordon prepares to make THE catch

These photos are from the Memorial Meeting for Worship held at the San Diego Friends Center, San Diego, October 27, 2012. 
A legacy web site containing more photographs, memories from friends and colleagues and biography may be found at: That site will be active until Oct. 11, 2013 (longer it seems).