Trains of Greenfield Village, 2015

The trains and round house delight machinists and photographers specializing in close up shots.
The trains and round house delight machinists and photographers specializing in detail shots.

One could burn through many rolls of film taking photographs of the Greenfield Village trains and their support structures. On this trip I did not get any shots of the iconic turntable and round house. Guess I will have to return next year to fill out my collection.


GV Firestone Farm

Barn at Firestone farm in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan.
Barn at Firestone farm in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan.

We continued our tour of Greenfield Village with a visit to the farm. The Firestone farm area provides plenty of time with large horses and other critters.

The upper barn area has workshop including woodworking and other tools useful to the farm.


Cotswold Cottage & Garden, Greenfield Village 2015

Cotswold cottage area of Greenfield Village
Cotswold cottage area of Greenfield Village

On my recent Michigan visit we were able to spend time at Greenfield Village thanks to the  Skidfolks’ wonderful hospitality. One of our favorites is the Cotswold Cottage area.

I will post other groups as I sort through the photo collection.


Schafer H.S. gathering summer 2015

Fifty-one years after the class of 1964 graduated we gathered at Big Bear Lodge for another evening of laughter, sharing and catching up. If anybody’s name is incorrect please let me, Grace or Susan know and it shall be fixed.

I had my outdoor portrait lens on the camera thus was unable to get any group images this time. Perhaps when we do it again, I’ll be better prepared. We had a bit of photo op scramble and probably missed a few folks but hopefully, some of the other cameras captured those fine folks.

The big mystery is how did my dad get in the photos that were supposed to have me? Guess that is a photobomb those young whipper snappers speak of.

Thank you everyone for your friendship and memories. Go Vikings.

DSO/Greenfield Village concert & fireworks 2015

IMG_7286I joined the Skidfolks for our annual Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert at Greenfield Village. Almost 10,000 people attended the  Friday, July 3  event. Hilarious entertainment provided by Jillian, Lauren and Ilona.

Their captivating performance was followed by a military orchestra and choir. After a brief intermission, the DSO presented with a lively mix of americana themed pieces including a medley salute to the various United States armed forces branches.

M1962 2.25" ConfederateTo prepare for the fireworks display our DSO performed the All-American (by adoption), Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Canon fire provided by the Loomis’ (Michigan) Battery featuring 19th century (some are reproductions) guns. The guns are placed on the elevated railroad platform and before the show the audience is welcome to get a close up view and to talk with the Loomis crew.

Circular Shelf Unit 2015 – Completed

The shelf unit placed on the mahogany chest of drawers.
The shelf unit placed on the mahogany chest of drawers.

The circular shelf unit is completed. For now it is on the mahogany chest of drawers, but I plan to design a lower cabinet for its ultimate resting place.

I am very pleased with the look and feel. The walnut and black milk-painted poplar create a luxurious richness. Soft/round sections contrast well with some crisp edges both on the shelf and its supports.

The supports are not glued as I will create a variation of the walnut horizontal pieces. I expect that will create a much different reaction. I do not have a timeline on that exercise.

I will do an extended post mortem over a period of time before attempting a stronger execution of this project. Perhaps some day you will find this version at a garage sale near you.